Our Unique 7-Step Process

With any new construction project, it is important to develop a detailed plan of vision and action. Our pre-construction team at Sunshine Sign offers advice and knowledge to help you and your own team make informed decisions regarding your construction project planning considerations that include factors such as your project’s budgetary considerations, resource needs, and the overall functionality and feasibility of the project.

  1. Design Engineering
    • The right tools are essential for running an effective and efficient construction project. We use advanced computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-assisted engineering (CAE) software that allows our design engineers to easily and precisely express their vision and find creative ways to present your product or service in an effective and memorable way.
  2. Site Analysis
    • Planning really is the cornerstone of a promising project. Before we begin any new project in an official capacity, we visit you and conduct a site analysis, which begin with evaluating the potential project site.
    • We then assess the possible impacts the project will have on the community, environment and surrounding properties, whether commercial or residential.
    • Finally, we take the time to discuss the project's budget and schedule with you to make sure we don't make any promises we can't keep
  3. Code Compliance
    • Complying with local, state and federal regulations is our top priority. We are committed to ensuring that all of our projects are legal and safe, for everyone's benefit and well-being.
    • We not only discuss code and community standard matters with your project leaders, but we do our own research on the surrounding community and its local laws and policies to guarantee that everything we do is community-friendly and code-compliant.
  4. Permit Acquisition
    • The last thing you want to do is invest in a sign construction project and immediately receive some type of citation or penalty as soon as it is completed.
    • Before we begin the installation phase of your sign construction project, we file for and obtain all the necessary permits. Our project management team has the industry experience and expertise to know what permits we need and how to obtain them.
    • With our team on board, you never have to worry that your new sign will break any rules or laws once in place.
  5. Design-Build
    • Our designer and installation technicians stay on-the-job from the pre-construction phase until the project is complete to your satisfaction.
    • We all work together to provide you with the highest quality product while also ensuring that everything stays within your budget and on schedule. You will work closely with a point of contact from us who will always communicate with you clearly and promptly so you are never left wondering about out progress.
    • All the while, we will seamlessly work together to deliver a high-quality final product that will exceed your expectations.
  6. Consulting
    • Collaboration is the key to project planning success, as far as we are concerned. We believe in working closely with our clients to develop and implement the best strategy for a complete and successful project.
    • Our team considers every aspect of the project unique, including its scope, budget, schedule, client pain points and much more. We always want you to know that we consider our project for you a partnership and that you are an integral part of the process, from start to finish.
  7. Project Management
    • At Dr Sign, we believe that the cornerstone of a successful project is superior project management.
    • Our project managers work with you from the beginning of the project until we have finished and you feel fully satisfied. Your project manager will stay on top of project planning and execution to make sure everything stays on track to meet your project's deadline and your satisfaction.
Sign Products
We have our in-house production team and our factory is equipped with the latest CNC/laser router,bending machine etc, meaning we have a firm grip on the entire production process and this translates to quality assurance and timely delivery of your order.